Alpine Den

Residential Rebuild.  An existing 240 sq m house on 1 level was re-planned and extended to 400 sq m.  The goal was to create a space that was constantly in touch with its surrounding landscape, removing the boundary between inside and out.  Transforming with its environment, the house lets you intimately experience nature.  Natural and unimposing finishings and furniture were chosen to accentuate the architecture.

London Flat

Renovation and design.  A 2-level 220 sq m flat in a listed building with original 18th century features was fully renovated and designed.  The goal was to re-design the space while maintaining the integrity of its historic condition.  The final result was an eclectic mix of minimalism, gothic, and 18th century French design.  All the interiors chosen told a story about the owners.

Village Nest

Renovation and design.  An abandoned 15th century village house of 100 sq m over 3 levels in a listed area, due to its proximity to a national heritage site, was renovated into a comfortable home with open views.


Design.  The concept, design and planning of a 200-person event at the Chelsea Royal Hospital in London.

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